CDP Platform Overview

Content Delivery Platform (CDP) runs on a hosting model as SaaS. CDP performance is constantly monitored by the leading independent performance monitoring tools Gomez & Webmetrics.


Provides users with the ability to upload images to their mobile pages from the PC, MMS or by email, or to pull existing photos from social media sites. Popular features that allow users to discover mobile sites such as tag clouds, recommendations, featured sites, search and more. Allows partners to write connectors and extensions to integrate with third party systems such as billing, advertising and network systems.  Delivery via client or browser; includes iPhone and Android clients or may be integrated with third party clients.


Sophisticated event-driven model for pushing content; configured and managed to an operator™s specification.
Operator branding and style enforcement. Monetization through paid subscriptions or advertising. Aggregates content from a variety of different sources using web-based management and configuration tools. Provides access to billing, location and other information exposed to developers by the operator. Provides the ability to add headers, footers, advertisements, etc dynamically into an application to meet an operator™s specification. Designed for user-friendly, simple few steps to create mobile web sites using only editorial knowledge.



  • Device database with more than 3,700 devices cataloged.
  • Cross channel content delivery: Web, Mobile browsers, SMS, MMS, XML, RSS, IVR and USSD.
  • Content management system (CMS) with easy-to-use web console store management.
  • Extensive merchandising features to optimize sales.
  • User personalization and adaptive menus based on preferences, CRM data or click stream behavior.
  • User-personalized content channels; supports RSS feeds from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Auto optimization so that content providers do not have to consider differences across devices.
  • Multi-lingual application supporting global languages.


We have tools that provide the following metrics:

  • Global Performance Monitoring
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring of Stream Quality
  • End User Monitoring of Download Quality