SMS is ubiquitous, simple and cost effective. It is available anywhere in the world, and it works on virtually any mobile device or network.


SMS has significant benefits for enterprise over competing mobile communications technologies. It is virtually instant, interactive, personal and targeted.



  • Complete reporting for operation, marketing and management
  • Reporting in variety of formats for view on web tool or ingestion to preferred reporting system
  • Reporting covers granular transaction levels based on user identifier up to high level overview
  • Alarms for out of norm occurrences


Partnering with best of Breed

Most required platforms are commoditised to the point where there are multiple solid choices in the market, MWAN is managing its own and third party platforms under strict parameters and agreements


MWAN Hosting

  • Complete infrastructure hosted and managed by MWAN and declared partners
  • Integration points reduced to minimum e.g. billing / reporting requirements
  • Standard SLA, visibility on technical documentation
  • MWAN uses a scalable VPS solution with 100% redundant application failover