MWAN “Kite Pilots” Join in the Basant Festival of Joy

Basant is a fun and delightful occasion. Like many other Pakistan festivals, The Kite Flying Festival also has historical and cultural significance attached to it. The festival is considered to be as cool for many reasons.
Basant is the symbol that spring season has stated!
Flying vibrant and colourful kites with your family or buddies under the morning sun while you chill out on a rooftop. Girls wear coloured dresses and make delicious food. The joy of flying kites and cutting the strings off other kites is unmatched while the air is euphoric. It is a tradition during this festival to offer food to your guests
The kite flying tradition is so famous that people also organize recreational competitions during this festival. How cool would it be to be the last one standing? Or rather, to be the owner of the last kite flying!
After sunset firework start which mean kite flying time has passed. In night they arrange parties, some people start BBQs and bonfire