React Native | Prevail the Mighty Cons

If you have worked with React Native in the past, then you are already familiar that it is a software framework that lets you create native apps. It is a widely used platform that comes with many advantages such as:

  1. Live Reload
  2. Community Driven
  3. Code Reuse
  4. React Modular Architecture
  5. Strong Performing Mobile Environment

Where it has countless advantages, it also has its deficiencies.

In this article today, we are going to focus on how to overcome some of these deficiencies.

Debugging is Excruciating!

Debugging is very hard to do in React Native. The process can get quite tedious especially when you do not have sound knowledge of the native platform.

Even though it is hard to debug, you can still make it easy and do it like a pro. You can use a variety of ways to do this, however, this article only focuses on the basics.

In-built Mode

You can use the in-built debug mode that the browsers offer.

In Chrome, you would need to install ‘react-devtools’. You can then activate the debug mode to start debugging your app from the developer menu. Chrome will open a tab with the link from where you can continue further on debugging: http://localhost:8081/debugger-ui path

Every browser has a few different steps to enable the debug mode so you will have to see which browser you are going to use and do it accordingly.

Furthermore, you can also use Reactotron which is a very useful tool when it comes to debugging.

Immature Framework

The rapid updates that the React Native framework experiences come with many significant changes which can end up taking a toll on developers. The pace is fast enough that before the developer can get used to the new changes, then new ones are just around the corner waiting.

There is only one solution to this – Continued Learning! There’s no other way. Any programmer knows, even if it takes its toll, the only way to boost your skills and advance your career in the development field is to keep yourself familiarized with the latest practices. What you can do to release some pressure is to focus on your goals and follow updates or on how to proceed accordingly. You do not have to get your hands on everything. It is very much okay to just be familiarized with some elements, and not be an expert on all features, especially when it is something you do not have a constant use for.

You will find other cons related to React Native such as:

  1. The team needs sound knowledge of cross-platforms.
  2.  Loosely Typed JavaScript
  3. …and more…

Where there are deficiencies, ways exist to overcome those. Any good programmer will know that the details are a necessity. Sometimes, having sound knowledge is more than enough. Sometimes you need to be aware if there is a certain deficiency, and how you might overcome that.

Written by: Zeeshan Saeed