Mobile Applications

Through a brilliant mix of international expertise, local brilliance and rock solid focus, we are better in terms of quality customer driven designs, better in delivery, cost effectiveness and management. We offer mobile application development, integration and consultancy services to help you achieve the most out of the mobile space. We excel in Mobile & WAP site development and porting web applications to the mobile platform. We mobify your software applications and solutions, quickly and across technologies.


Mixing our local market presence and knowledge with great partners we are

  • Producing an innovative solution for media and telecoms customers.
  • We have the capability to create a wide range of mobile applications.
  • Customized Bespoke Unique development
  • Applications with rich and creative feature sets, tailored from scratch to meet your needs.
  • Pre developed white labelled solutions
  • Applications that can be easily customized to your look and feel and branding
  • Mobile Creation Studio


We offer development of apps for:


We help you to leverage:

  • Your existing software solutions stack
  • The Reach of the wireless domain
  • The ease-of-use of the mobile handset
  • The power of the web
  • The individualistic nature of the mobile user
  • Marketing of mobile content direct to consumer
  • Mobile Strategy consultancy