Mobile Content

Content only has value when it is generating revenue or brand recognition. Piling up heaps of content in the fond expectation that customers will come is a model that has proven to fail. While Content really IS King, MWAN Mobile concentrates acquisition on making a difference to Partner specific market and environment, rather than an international spread.


Content Management

Content management is largely defined by the following characteristics:

  • Spot trends and request additional content immediately, allowing for tapping a trend to the fullest
  • Intelligent content selection and packaging
  • Dynamic rotation and upkeep of content
  • Up-to-date content that constantly reflects the local environment
  • Largest database of mobile content products worldwide and continually growing
  • 100% fulfilment of Partner content standards policy
  • Device-specific catalogues. Customers will only see products that are compatible with their device


Various e-based tools are used on a daily basis by business analysts and content managers at MWAN to determine what content to feature:

  • In promotional slots on the main grid and sub-layers
  • As What’s Hot
  • In the Top 10s
  • As Recommended


VAS Services And Content

MWAN Mobile is has a Services and Content Delivery platform and via proven operational models is today serving thousands of a consumers a day.


  • Sports Channel
  • Apps Store
  • Digital content rights
  • Billing for content
  • SEO Content rights
  • Content Ingestion
  • SDP Platform provision and Operation
  • Full Reporting
  • Marketing of mobile content direct to consumer
  • Mobile Content includes;
    • Sports
    • Music
    • RBT
    • Mobile and WEB Games
    • Islamic
    • Video
  • Full Reporting and Management
  • Web , SMS, social media marketing

MWAN offers a turnkey content solution comprising:

  • Fully Managed Content Catalogue
  • Dedicated Content Portal Management and Editorial
  • Dedicated Content Promotion and Campaigns
  • Capacity and Capability to Source and Aggregate any Requested Content
  • Full Content Providers Contract Management
  • International and Local Content offerings