6 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost your Website Traffic

Miscellaneous 22-Apr-2020

Social media marketing is one of the best website traffic sources today. For blogging, social media traffic is more important than search engine traffic. Some bloggers will complain that social media marketing is over-hyped but it’s just because they do not organize their social efforts to create more leads. It could be your best medium of traffic if you will follow these 6 leads generated strategies:

1. Generate or Contribute to Communities: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Groups

One of the most efficient methods to gain website traffic is to become an information center for your business. Attach with your mates, commenters, bloggers and thinking chiefs in your field, and makes an effective online community or group.

To become a live member of the online community – provide precious advice and information to create relationships. Connect with related groups and check them on daily basis for queries that you’ve answered in one of your previous blogs, reply to those queries in a few words, and also provide your previously written post link for more details. Be supportive/authentic and less sales-oriented. Be alert not doing any spamming when share your articles to generate more traffic into your website.

Daily Social Posts

2. Do Posts on Daily Basis

Don’t spam your followers with a lot of daily postings but continuous updates will bring more exposure and traffic to your website

According to statistics*, the suggested numbers of regular postings on social networks are:

  • 5 posts on Pinterest per day
  • 3 posts on Twitter per day
  • 2 posts on Facebook per day
  • 2 posts on Instagram per day

3. Build Relevant Connections

Join your friends, active users, and brand supporters to build relations with others in your niche – this sounds and seems odd? Creating private relationships with other thought leaders/influencers/bloggers within your niche will always convert in organic inbound links and transfer traffic to your website.

For creating long-lasting relationships, one way is reciprocal links – provide before you get. Generate traffic to other websites that offer reliable approaching, and keep energetic in the group’s conversation or on the social media marketing community to launch yourself and your website as an active community member.

4. Replying to comments or mentions

Monitor your social media accounts and reply to comments, mentions of your brand. Showing to users that you are active on social media encourages more engagement. For example, if someone retweeted one of your tweets, send them a thank you message or if you get a comment on your FB post – reply to the comment answering their question or thanking them for the comment.

5. Posting your content is not just enough

Posting content alone will not get you far with social media. Even if you publish fantastic posts nobody will see them until you have enough followers in your social media accounts or unless you use advertising.
Manage your social media accounts by reaching out and connecting with people that have the profile of your potential customer or reader. It’s a time-consuming process because you need to keep track of who to follow, who followed you back and who did not so as to remove them and start all over again.

6- Using Images and Visual items with posts

Images, videos and other visual items (infographics, illustrations) are more shareable. For you, this means two things. The first thing is to ensure to have images within your content so that when shared the image goes with the posting, and second when doing postings on your social media pages to include images as well. All networks (including Twitter) allow you to add images to your updates so make sure that you take advantage of this.

These are six actionable tips for generating traffic to your website or blog through social media marketing. Some of these tactics won’t show quick results, but you may be amazed at how fast most of them start to generate results.

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