8 Major Reasons of Mobile App Failure and How to Avoid Them

Miscellaneous 13-Jul-2022

We all can now agree to the fact that mobile application is that one thing that can give your business that much-needed push towards growth. This fact has led to the development of millions of applications per year. But there is a sad fact hidden in these statistics; only 1% of the applications are said to be successful. Isn’t that shocking?

App failure is not just about an unsolved bug or a defect, there are deeper problems that can probably cause an app failure. Therefore, it is crucial to be informed about the reasons that can affect and crush your dreams of having a perfectly successful mobile application.

In this blog, we will talk about the major reasons that can cause mobile app failure. In addition, we will also tell you how to avoid them.

Let’s dive in then!

Major reasons for mobile application failure

1. Avoiding real-world scenarios

You have an application with a great concept. It will boost your business revenue and also offer your customers a smooth experience. But, but, but! Is it competent to solve real-world issues? If the answer is NO, then the great concept and more than enough funding doesn’t matter.

The first rule of building a successful mobile application is to ensure that it serves the essential purpose of solving real-world problems and issues.

For instance, you are offering smooth purchases, amazing payment modes to your app users; which every other user is doing then how will you stand apart? One needs to study their competitors and offer what nobody else is offering.

How to avoid it

We suggest you do your homework first and understand the gaps in the industry to deliver what’s missing. In addition, focus on building apps that will help larger demographics.

Another thing to focus on is professional utility. This will appeal to people of different age groups, professions and interests.

2. No research on the target audience

Deciding on a target audience is not a one-day job. One needs to understand that this is a volatile market that can take a new turn at anytime. It happens often that users change their perceptions. This calls the need for a usability test and surveys that allow the business owners to understand better the target audience. One thing we will stress on is to make your app helpful. The minute people feel the app is not helping, your application is in for failure.

How to avoid it

This issue is easily avoidable if you take some time to introspect all the aspects of audience thought process. In addition, a business needs to be ahead of their time. Look for new technologies that you can incorporate into your application.

Build a team of mobile UX experts, mobile analytics professionals, etc to find the metrics that affect engagement rates, conversion rates, and retention rates.

3. Unappealing and unfriendly user interface

Unfortunately, there are still some businesses that believe it is okay to have time-consuming user interface of a mobile application. Besides a lot of them ask users to fill out the long forms which can really lead to frustration, and later abandonment of the app.  

On the other hand, the mobile application with the easy-to-use interface allure people to not only use the app but also get value from it. Or else, there are high chances that you will lose them even before they make any purchase.

How to avoid it

To begin with, always keep the colors that can strike with your audience at first look. Next, use the language and words that are common and known to all. This will avoid any confusion and people will be at ease to use the application.

4. Choosing the wrong platform

Even though we have mentioned this on number four, you must consider this in the initial stage itself. Choosing the wrong platform and ecosystem can lead to instant failure. Every platform has its unique perks. While android users are large in numbers, iOS user’s tend to spend more on commercial apps.

But hold on! Choosing the right platform is not the end of your problem. The other half of the problem is to develop the app with high precision. This complication can also be simplified by hiring app developers that are excellent in everything they do.

How to avoid it

Build a model that involves your business objectives, target audience, and the kind of growth you expect to achieve. Once it is clear, you can go for the platform that best suits your needs.

5. Not giving enough time for app testing

It is no secret that mobile applications need a lot of testing. And if we believe the statistics, only 4% of the applications get released without any bugs. Well, that is a very low success rate! Application testing is not the end. But actually, there are additional improvements and updates that come with the user feedback.

Not having enough testing time or the right tools can lead to a miserable application failure. No wonder many entrepreneurs spend thousands and hundreds of dollars on an application that eventually fails due to improper testing.

How to avoid it

Understand, it is better to be late than sorry. Give your team enough time to get rid of every bug and inculcate the improvements in the right way. Don’t cut corners unnecessarily and ensure to use the best-suited tools.

6. Not allocating enough funds

A tight budget always calls for mobile app failure. This precisely happens when business owners believe that spending more on design and development can save the application. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. Testing is equally important and so is adequate funding.

One has not able to yet identify the actual reason that makes the companies run out of the budget way before the launch. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this mess.

How to avoid it

Ask yourself these questions before jumping into making any decisions,

  • What factors can cause the shortage of money?
  • Can you sustain till the end with the kind of money you have?
  • Have you made a costing model?
  • Are you prepared if anything goes wrong?

Once you have all these answers, you are good to go.

7. Absence of marketing strategy

Imagine you have the product that defines perfection, but nobody knows about it. Will it make any sense? We live in an era where it has become extremely important to show your products in a good and positive light. And marketing is the way to do that.

A solid marketing strategy, a team that understands the ground and your unshakable belief is what will give you that much-needed boost.

How to avoid it

For starters, hire experts that can build a result-driven marketing strategy. You must know the tagline that can connect with the audience in the first instance. One can also get marketing services at affordable prices and start the promotion at the earliest.

Let us tell a secret to effective marketing. All you have to do is maintain awareness across various social media channels at all times.

8. Poor customer service

Imagine using an application that doesn’t match your expectation. You like the offerings but are forced to contact the support team for your feedback. And how would you feel if the customer service is poor? It’s obvious, you will be disheartened and lose interest.

Around 30% of the app users tend to abandon the mobile application after a poor customer service encounter. That is a huge percentage!

How to avoid it

To begin with, optimize your customer experience strategy as it will prevent mobile app failure at a high rate. Ensure your employees working for customer support are well equipped and skilled. We suggest you invest in your employee’s training since they will be interacting with your esteemed customers on day to day basis.

Well, these were some of the major causes of app failure and how you can avoid them. We would like to stress one thing here, ensure to hire app developers from a renowned and experienced firm for better results. Having a team of app developers that are profound and understand the industry well.

ConclusionMobile app development has become an ensured way to attain business growth. However, it is not a cakewalk. You need to know the industry in and out. Even if you are unaware of that, you can always go with the mobile app development company that will help you to turn your vision into reality.

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