1st Live Speaking Events of the New Normal: DeFi Growth and Challenges


Our CEO was invited to speak at one of the 1st live events in the UAE of the new normal, The Global Blockchain Congress! It was nice to be back physically and actually interacting with people again in a socially responsible way. He shared the stage with a great panel with some top people in the Blockchain and Crypto space to discuss and navigate the hottest topic in the Blockchain and Crypto space right now Decentralised Finance – DeFi. Thanks very much to Hadi Malaeb and the Agora team for the great organization and set up to enable this event to happen #Global Blockchain Congress.

DeFi is an important topic right now as it is creating and giving the tools to allow decentralization of the existing financial systems, but more importantly, it allows this to take place from an end user customer perspective. It allows users to control, own, and manage their financial landscape and services interactions without intermediaries ultimately saving money. DeFi is the ecosystem and solution and services enabling this to happen.