Work On Blockchain partners with MWAN Mobile to launch their innovative recruitment platform


Work On Blockchain (WOB) and MWAN Mobile today announced a partnership to develop their WOB hiring platform application. The platform focuses on recruitment in the relatively new technology of Blockchain where the right talent is still scarce or not available. WOB is getting around this by allowing candidates globally to easily onboard, and the ones who have recently gone through the WOB high-quality training courses, to be placed. WOB through its involvement in the Blockchain technology over the past 5 years has the contacts with companies actually seeking these skills and who trust WOB training courses to offer the right skilled candidates.

The platform has also been developed with some innovative features that differentiate it with the numerous existing recruitment platforms out in the market. Some of the issues currently in the recruitment industry like skill set identification and communications channels between companies and candidates are innovatively dealt with a simple UI and a unique chat module which still gives transparency to the recruitment manager and to the candidate.

Jack Tanner, WOB CTO and Co-founder, has explained the power of this new platform “The principal objective of WOB is to allow existing developers to enter the Blockchain space and newly qualified ones to find jobs easily and quickly. We have designed and with the help of MWAN, developed a clean and simple recruitment platform to do just this, giving both the candidates and the recruiting companies the control and tools in the recruitment process. We have spent lots of time refining our processes for this and I believe we have achieved a good solution with great feedback so far.”

Antonio Sabado, WOB CEO and Co-founder, commented: “In a crowded market full of hiring platforms, we needed to design and build a platform that gives value and flexibility in a two-sided market. On one end, we wanted to give our candidates the privacy they need by remaining anonymous, and at the same time, the freedom to choose which company they want to interview with. On the other end, we wanted to give control to companies to directly approach the talent they are interested in, and the flexibility for companies to easily search for talent at their own leisure. MWAN has built exactly that for us”.

Andreas Tsindos, CEO of MWAN, commented: “This partnership with WOB is a classic way, which has always been in our ethos, how the MWAN development capabilities help a start-up partner like WOB in launching their product and business quickly. We are very pleased that WOB has ultimately chosen MWAN to deliver this solution for them. We are very happy to have worked closely to deliver a very cool and innovative platform in the recruitment space which can be monotonic at times. We look forward to WOB achieving its goals and objectives with our help in developing this platform and to keep enhancing the capability of the platform to add further modules and even more innovations.

Launched in September 14th, 2018, Work on Blockchain is a global hiring platform for technical professionals aimed at the blockchain space. The platform is a valuable hiring tool to companies in search for technical experts in a “short supply and high demand market” having attracted the attention of blockchain engineers, smart contract developers and security auditors, software engineers, applied researchers, architects, data scientists, devops and CTO’s from across the world. The platform currently has over 290+ active candidates and 40+ hiring companies. Check out their website on

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