Software testing is growing in importance

Software Quality Assurance 05-Dec-2022

A bold statement perhaps but one which is undeniable in a world where software is more prevalent than ever before. Software testing essentially guarantees quality and when strong UX is so vital, it’s hard to see why so many organisations still fail to prioritise testing. Today then we look at this in more detail. What are the benefits? What can happen when software issues occur?

Quality Assurance

We use software testing to evaluate whether or not the specified requirements of a software or system are met. During this process, potential errors, gaps or bugs can be detected. When carried out early enough in the delivery cycle, it can save both time and money. The earlier you can find a defect, the sooner it can be rectified. Testing should ideally be completed before release to ensure the smoothest possible end-user experience.

Why Is Testing Important?

The reasons are numerous and the benefits vast, with the following just a small sample:

– It is essential in detecting defects and errors that may occur during development
– It offers guarantees over reliability, quality and customer satisfaction
– This quality assurance helps to build confidence in software, systems, and ultimately in organisations and brands
– The more testing carried out, the more effective the performance and the lower the costs of ongoing maintenance will be

Why Is Testing Often Not A Priority?

The simple fact is that many companies aim for as quick a release / implementation as possible for software / systems. In order to achieve a rapid turnaround, testing is either then fast-tracked or dropped altogether. Other possible reasons for it not being prioritised include:

– Testing can be very costly, with investment required for automation, test design, licensing and more
– There are often ‘hidden costs’ involved, such as when different test cases and test cycles are required
– A lack of knowledge in software development and the software itself can also lead to testing being skipped
– Poor communication from development teams can result in testing not being a priority as test requirements are unclear

The User Experience Is Key

Most of us use software in our daily lives, both for work and for play. We expect a seamless experience, free from any issues. We do not expect to encounter errors, bugs or crashes. Let’s use an e-commerce website as an example to describe the ideal online user experience. A top website combines seamless navigation with a clearly defined purchase journey. The content is dynamic and easy to take in. Then there are calls-to-action to obvious support mechanisms. Mobile device compatibility is a must, with an equally smooth web experience delivered.

Think of a time when you have used a website and it has crashed. Unless it is a site you regularly visit, the chances are you will not be returning! That also has a negative impact upon the brand itself, with your future custom very much in doubt.

Software testing is vital in the world of IT – at least we believe that to be the case. Hopefully, upon reading this article, you may agree. If you do, then we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. If you disagree, we’d also like to hear about that.

Source: The ice way