The Top 11 Best Human Resource Management (HRM) software

HR 09-Mar-2023

Looking for a digital solution to centralize and manage your company’s HR tasks and processes? Need to simplify and automate your HR workflows to save time on a daily basis?

The term “HRM” (for human resource management) is probably familiar to you, as it seeks to increase the efficiency of human resource teams.

HRM software bundles many features together, such as:

– managing your employee data, benefits, and payroll

– automation of manual tasks

– monitoring of working time

– digitization of paper documents

– streamlining of the hiring process (from follow-up to onboarding)

– simplifying the onboarding process

As you can imagine, there are many HRM solutions!

To help you find your way around and identify the one that best suits your needs, we have gathered on this page the best HRM software for businesses. You will find a description of their interface, key features, strengths, and limitations—as well as their price.

Discover our comparison of the 11 best HRM apps:

  1. Monday
  2. Freshteam
  3. ADP Workforce Now
  4. Gusto
  5. Bamboo HR
  6. HR Factorial
  7. Personio
  8. Lucca HRIS
  9. UKG Ready
  10. Payfit
  11. Zenefits

1. Monday

Workflows that simplify the management of your hiring, onboarding, and employee follow-up processes. is a cloud-based SaaS software that allows HR teams to quickly create workflows to better organize their projects and automate their daily tasks.

This is a customizable platform that brings teams together in an online workspace to track recruitment pipelines, onboard new employees, and provide employee development and training.

Key features:

  • highly customizable workflows
  • confidential communication between the company and its employees
  • monitoring of candidates with automatic reminders
  • ready-to-use templates for the integration process
  • monitoring of employee well-being
  • management of leave requests


  • reports that aren’t very customizable
  • complex operations that require documentation 
  • per-user pricing that can quickly become sizable if teams grow
  • few integrations available

Pricing: from €8 per user per month

2. Freshteam

A complete HR management solution, from recruitment to leave requests.

Freshteam provides growing companies with a solution that enables them to modernize their HR processes.

The platform offers several functionalities like applicant tracking, rapid integration of new employees, and absence and leave management. This is a tool that centralizes the different functionalities in order to reduce HR teams’ workloads.

Key features:

  • application tracking system
  • assignment of checklists (tasks) by team or individuals
  • sending instant reminders
  • simplified document sharing
  • electronic signature
  • follow-up of leaves and absences


  • too classic email templates
  • high latency when manipulating large databases
  • sometimes tricky navigation
  • high cost for small budget companies (see below)
  • customer service sometimes not very reactive

Pricing: starting at

  • €71 per month for the platform
  • €1.20 extra per month per employee

3. ADP Workforce Now

A human resources and payroll management offer for companies of all sizes.

ADP Workforce Now simplifies employee management with a modern, versatile platform.

These include payroll, time and attendance, budgeting/forecasting, and benefits tracking capabilities.

Key features:

  • automated online payroll
  • easy-to-use mobile application for employees
  • timely assistance from experts
  • automated synchronization of employee data
  • monitoring of time worked


  • difficult-to-use application with occasionally tedious configuration 
  • superfluous information on the home interface
  • additional fee for each additional module
  • customer service slow to respond
  • outdated user interface

Pricing: quotes available

4. Gusto Payroll and HR

A complete solution for payroll and team management on a single platform.

Gusto offers a range of tools integrated with a modern online platform for payroll and employee benefits.

Easily accessible, it includes features such as payroll tax management, hiring and onboarding, talent management, and data reporting.

Key features:

  • automatic deposit of payroll taxes to government agencies
  • job offers and personalized hiring offers
  • flexible and very easy to use
  • time tracking with geolocation and leave management
  • Gusto Wallet application for employees: check management, payroll, savings, and more


  • first configuration is quite convoluted and time-consuming
  • unresponsive customer service
  • not very customizable reports
  • user interface updates sometimes inconsistent


  • from €37 per month for the platform
  • €5 per month per user

5. Bamboo HR

An all-in-one solution to assist human resources and improve the employee experience.

To recruit, integrate, remunerate, and simply foster the company culture, Bamboo HR offers small and medium-sized companies all the necessary digital tools they could need.

Employee data is stored in a single, secure database that is easily accessible to HR associates.

Key features:

  • employee well-being: a collection of employees’ opinions on their well-being at work
  • a free mobile app that offers HR functionalities for all employees
  • automation and tracking of approvals on workflows
  • autonomous access by employees to their own information to update it
  • Instant and customized HR reporting
  • electronic signatures
  • customized onboarding and offboarding processes


  • unintuitive navigation
  • lack of notifications for leave tracking
  • inflexible features and limited customization
  • few integrations available

Pricing: €99 per month per user


6. HR Factorial

A platform designed to digitize management of HR processes.

In order to free HR teams from cumbersome administrative tasks, HR Factorial centralizes many features on its online platform.

The HRIS suite is available on PC or mobile and includes tools such as leave, absence, payroll, and monitoring of working time, a document manager, an ATS, and employee onboarding.

Key features:

  • data and documents secured by encryption and single sign on
  • online document storage: easy to upload, share, and organize
  • electronic signature
  • clear and detailed company organization chart
  • customizable career page


  • unresponsive customer service
  • lack of custom permissions per user
  • complex deployment
  • lack of app notifications 
  • problems in generating reports

Pricing: from €90 per month

7. Personio

A flexible platform to easily manage recruitment, HR, and payroll for small and medium-sized businesses.

Personio offers on a unique platform all the HR procedures: recruitment and integration processes, data management, absences/attendances, and employee payroll.

Designed for SMBs (small and medium-sized enterprises), the solution offers numerous automations and customizations to help HR teams save time.

Key features:

  • automatic applications’ tracking
  • email templates, acknowledgements, offers of employment, and rejection letters
  • centralized, secure, and organized employee data
  • data automatically transferred to constitute the provisional payrolls
  • electronic signatures


  • complex implementation
  • sometimes incorrect reports
  • simple executions sometimes become complicated
  • no integrated instant messaging

Pricing: from €3.75 per month per user

8. Lucca HRIS

A suite of HR software designed to optimize and automate management of internal processes.

Lucca offers simple solutions to meet different HR needs: Timmie for time and activity management, Poplee for talent tracking, Cleemy for financial control, and Pagga for payroll management.

Key features:

  • four combinable tool modules: simple, efficient, and pleasant to use
  • customer service based in France
  • management for absences, work hours, and work stoppages
  • entry of employee expenses (expense reports)
  • monitoring of the payroll and variables 
  • paperless pay slip distribution


  • subscription costs that can quickly represent a significant budget for the company (see below)
  • obligation of commitment when subscribing to an offer
  • technical complexities if you want to take advantage of the customization
  • no free trial period
  • preliminary training needed beforehand for a first-hand experience

Pricing: Each tool is billed monthly per user, with prices decreasing according to the number of employees (for 100 employees, count €2.50 on average per tool, per month, and per employee).

9. UKG Ready

A customized HR management experience for small businesses. 

With its flexible and transparent approach, the UKG Ready platform offers a single solution for managing HR, talent, payroll, and time and attendance data.

Key features:

  • automation of payroll processing
  • configurable reports and forms
  • automated collection of time and attendance information
  • identification, follow-up, and evaluation of qualified candidates


  • unfriendly interface
  • lack of alerts and notifications
  • tedious adjustment function
  • complex deployment

Pricing: quotes available

10. Payfit

Software that simplifies and automates payroll. 

Payfit is an online software designed to assist HR teams and simplify their administrative procedures at each stage of the payroll process. It also integrates many indispensable management tools for leave and absence, time and activities, and personnel.

Key features:

  • compliant with European safety standards
  • automatic updates and generation and distribution of pay slips
  • absence and leave requests from the personal space
  • simplified managerial validation (flowchart and validation rights)
  • spaces dedicated to employees and managers
  • quick entry of expense reports
  • monitoring of working time and respective remuneration


  • unintuitive user interface
  • delays when loading some features
  • training required to understand full use of the platform

Pricing: quotes available


11. Zenefits 

A simple platform to streamline tedious administrative tasks.

Zenefits provides time-saving tools for HR teams through a comprehensive platform for time and scheduling, payroll, benefits, and overall management.

Key features:

  • automatic transmission of offer letters to new recruits
  • independent integration of new employees
  • management of social security coverage (medical, dental, ophthalmic…)
  • mobile app
  • automatic update of the payroll system when changes are made
  • automatic calculation and filing of social security charges


  • complex implementation
  • difficult access to customer service
  • unintuitive navigation
  • less than robust leave reports
  • additional costs for each new module added

Pricing: starts at€8 per month per employee

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