Unstoppable Domains and Polygon Launch New User-Owned Digital ID

Blockchain 03-Apr-2023

Blockchain domain name provider Unstoppable Domains teamed up with Polygon Labs to launch the digital identity .polygon, giving users a new way to enter Web3 applications and the decentralized web.

Having the .polygon domain name allows users easier access to the many dapps, games and metaverses, built on the Polygon blockchain, according to a statement Tuesday.

People will have the option to create profiles and connect these with their social channels, and display on-chain tokens such as tickets and awards.

From March 16 onwards, Unstoppable Domains will launch exclusive access to premium .polygon gaming and digital domains, meaning users can claim names like gamer.polygon or 00.polygon.

“User-owned digital identity is the future of the Internet, and with the Polygon ecosystem, we’re putting the power of user-owned digital identities into more people’s hands,” said Sandy Carter, chief operating offer at Unstoppable Domains.

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Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) are the top two blockchain domain name providers. Web3 domains are essentially non-fungible tokens that can be traded, but they are more popular for being used as a shorthand name for crypto wallet addresses. These can be used to transact across a growing number of apps, wallets, exchanges and marketplaces.

Unstoppable recently partnered with Polygon on another initiative in Africa last week. To address the lack of female representation in the Web3 industry, both brands committed to onboarding six million African women to Web3 over the next five years.

They launched a diversity and education group called Women of Web3 to expand access to user-owned digital identity through free Unstoppable domains, which are available to claim until April 8.

Source: Blockworks