Angular Learning Path

Programming 16-May-2023

Below is the full list of courses in the Angular Learning Path, along with links to any reviews I have done. As I progress through this learning path I will be updating this with more links and information.

The Angular Learning Path is one of the longest learning paths available on Pluralsight, weighing in at a total of 53 hours.

If you want to learn Angular but cannot afford to spend 53 hours, there are a few different options available to you.

The reviews below give you a quick overview on what is available in each course. This can help you decide which courses to watch or which sections of which courses to watch.

There is a book called Angular Projects by Zama Khan Mohammed that touches on most of the topics in the Angular Learning Path. I will do a full review of this book after I have completed it. In the meantime my recommendation is to download the examples that are available for free on github, and run them in your browser to see some different examples of what you can build with Angular.

Whereas the Angular Learning Path dives deep into each topic and takes a long time to complete, the Angular Projects book covers a wide range of Angular topics in a more cursory manner. So the best solution for you depends on the time you have available and in the particular areas of Angular development that are of most interest to you.

Beginner Level courses:

Intermediate Level courses:

  • Angular Fundamentals by Jim Cooper and Joe Eames
  • Angular Routing by Deborah Kurata
  • Securing Angular Apps with OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 by Brian Noyes
  • Unit Testing in Angular by Joe Eames
  • Angular Reactive Forms by Deborah Kurata
  • Angular NgRx: Getting Started by Duncan Hunter and Deborah Kurata
  • Angular HTTP Communication by Brice Wilson
  • Angular Services by Brice Wilson

Advanced Level courses:

  • Angular Best Practices by Joe Eames
  • Angular Architecture and Best Practices by Dan Wahlin

Whatever you options you decide on, you will be learning.

So keep reading and learning, and please respond to this article to let me and others know how your Angular skills are coming along as you learn.

What other resources have you found that have helped you in your journey to Angular mastery?

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